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How you can get involved:

Help broaden community awareness of the importance and use of library services and resources. Support and promote one of our community's major assets - THE GREAT LAKES LIBRARY SERVICE.

You can get involved by:

      Becoming a member - we welcome all types of support.
      Offering services in time or written contributions.
      Making a donation.

The range of tasks for members or volunteers include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Propose interesting events and help organise them
  • Write proposals for funding applications
  • Offer computer skills
  • Offer assistance in promoting events
  • Provide catering assistance
  • Help organise raffles

Writing skills in demand

Here is a great opportunity to kick start a career in journalism by writing book reviews or function reports. If you would like to share an interesting story which would promote the importance of libraries, just send it by email. Suitable contributions will be published on this website. See Readers Page
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Donations and Bequests:

Australians are widely renowned for their generosity. We encourage members of this community to display the same level of generosity towards the library service. A small contribution goes a long way in reaping benefits for future generations.

The Library welcomes donations and displays an "Honour Board" recording donations over $1000. All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

FOGLLS intends to establish a fund specifically to enhance facilities in the new library.

Library Volunteers:

People wishing to work in the Library as volunteers should contact the Customer Services Librarian, Great Lakes Library, Breese Parade, Forster - Phone 6591 7382.

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